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Best Business Process – Identifying Data Sources for Business Insight

The State of Learning Data & xAPI You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Business Runs on Data” but what does this mean for L&D?  With the advent of xAPI, organizations can gain understanding of employee behavior and performance better than ever…

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Primary Supervisor and Performance Manager Added as Report Groups in VTA 7.2

We’ve had several users indicate that they would really like to be able to run reports by Primary Supervisor and Performance Manager. 

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Explanation of Met By Reasons on Status Reports

September 3, 2014

From time to time, users ask for explanations of the Met By reasons that appear on Status reports.  Here is a little refresher: Pass means the student has successfully completed the course and the next due date (completion date +…

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New Include History control on WHEN tab of Requirement Reports

April 23, 2014

You might notice a change on the WHEN tab of Requirements Reports.  We added a new Include History option to let you control if you want to include history through the end date of the report or up to the end…

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Dashboards are coming in Learner v7.1

September 3, 2013

Introduction to Learner Dashboards RISC will introduce dashboards to Learner in version 7.1.  This is the first in a series of blog articles on dashboards.  In this article, we cover the basics of how to use the new dashboard features….

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List Profiles Report in v7.0

List Profiles Report This report lists data associated with selected Competency Profiles.  This includes the assigned competencies and their target proficiency level, complexity, frequency and criticality.  The students groups assigned the profile are also included when the Detail version of…

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Course Catalog Report changes in v7.0

With the new Competency Management features in 7.0, you can associate competencies to courses. So we have modified the Course Catalog Report to include the associated competencies.  This option is only available if the Report Type is set to “Detail”….

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List Competencies Report in v7.0

List Competencies Report The new List Competencies Report in v7.0 lists all the competencies for: Profiles, or Competency Groups, or Competency Custodian, or Review Date There are Summary and Detail versions of the report.  This is a good report to…

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New Assessment Status Report in v7.0

Assessment Status Report OK…you’ve got your competencies in, and you’ve got some assessments recorded. How do you report a student’s current status with respect to their assigned competencies? Simple…use the new Assessment Status Report. This report will give you a…

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Managing Training Initatives with VTA Programs

Program Management There has never been an easy and intuitive way to sequence developmental activities in VTA. Prerequisites can dictate the order of courses but they rely on history or exemptions to verify compliance and a student isn’t aware of his/her…

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