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Why xAPI LRS Conformance Matters

If you’ve read my blog articles, followed me on twitter, seen me present at conferences or xAPI Camps, you have probably noticed that am a big xAPI Enthusiast. Lately I’ve seen a disturbing trend infecting the xAPI world; non-conformant Learning Record Stores (LRS). I believe that LRS conformance is vital. Let me explain…

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Best Business Process – Identifying Data Sources for Business Insight

The State of Learning Data & xAPI You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Business Runs on Data” but what does this mean for L&D?  With the advent of xAPI, organizations can gain understanding of employee behavior and performance better than ever…

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SCORM 2004

SCORM 2004, 4th Edition

Still using SCORM? Are you using the latest version? You should; here’s why…

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Duncan Welder at Spring 2018 xAPI Party

xAPI Party Spring 2018

xAPI Party – It’s a Good Time to Be a Learning Technology Geek May 2018 was a big month in the learning industry between the ATD International Conference, the xAPI Party and Learning Download. The amount of innovation, sharing and…

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What is Your Data Strategy?

August 16, 2017

Are you collecting intelligent data?  Guest contributor, Sean Putman, shares his insights and expertise in developing a data strategy to get the most value from your learning analytics.

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