Learning Management System – VTA Suite

Learning Management System VTA

RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant (VTA) suite is a comprehensive enterprise learning management solution. We serve clients in industries spanning from oil & gas to retail. At its heart VTA was designed for compliance training management, due to RISC’s work with highly-regulated industries. With our client base reaching beyond high-consequence industries, VTA has evolved into the ultimate learning management infrastructure.

Providing access to a full spectrum of training information, VTA allows the learning and development department to quickly and accurately determine training status for individuals, groups or the entire organization, pinpoint performance gaps and training needs to help develop training plans.  VTA is loaded with features designed to reduce clerical workload and improve efficiency within the training department.  VTA gives you the thing you need most… peace of mind.

Why Choose VTA?

  • Ease of Use
    Your students and supervisors can use VTA with minimal training. If they can use a web-browser, they can use VTA.
  • Improved communication
    Powerful reporting and automatic email notices keep your key stakeholders informed of progress and compliance levels.
  • Track Social and Traditional Learning
    In addition to traditional learning, VTA is compliant with the Experience API (xAPI) and includes a built-in Learning Record Store for tracking social and experiential learning. With VTA, you can track all your learning experiences in one system.
  • Real-Time
    VTA is a real-time LMS. Your reports will show real-time data, not data that is 20-24 hours old.
  • Standards Compliant
    RISC supports AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI.
  • Experience
    Since 1992, VTA has been helping companies achieve their training compliance goals.
  • Customer Focus
    The VTA suite is designed by trainers for trainers. Our customers continue to drive our development, ensuring that the system meets their needs now and into the future.

For more information on the VTA system, click here to download a System Description or contact RISC for a demo today!