About Us

RISC Inc is an Enterprise Level Learning Management System provider since 1992, specializing in compliance learning and training management.

When considering a Learning Management System provider, it is important to form the right relationship. RISC is a software company specializing in LMSs since 1992. This means several important things to help you achieve your learning and development goals.

  • Software is not a sideline at RISC – it’s our business
    RISC is not a training company that one day decided to hire a contract programmer to develop an application to manage our course offerings. Our focus is developing learning management tools that support your bottom line and ensure regulatory compliance. At RISC, we write and support the software we sell.
  • We know Learning Management Systems
    Initial product development began with training professionals in 1988. We speak your language and understand your data management needs. By specializing in learning management systems, RISC gives you the advantages of a custom application with the affordability of off-the-shelf programs. As part of the RISC user base, you share the benefits of frequent software enhancements without bearing all the development costs. You always have access to prompt, expert support from RISC software specialists and you can purchase content with confidence from RISC partners because they have been tested to ensure interoperability.
  • Designed by Training Pros From the beginning
    RISC has taken a unique approach to software development. New ideas and system enhancements come straight from experienced trainers – our customers. We continually solicit your input through User Conferences, Focus Groups and survey feedback. That’s why the Virtual Training Assistant is a practical, real-world tool with a track record of success in installations worldwide.
  • Consider our Awards – We have twice placed first in the Brandon-Hall.com
    Survey of Customer Satisfaction. U.S. News and World Report named RISC “Best of Breed” in the Learning Management System category. In both 2005 and 2007 RISC lead the Bersin & Associates study of LMS customer satisfaction.
  • Talk to our Users
    Ask our existing customers about the quality of our service, product and support. We’ll be happy to send you references. We know you’ll like what you hear.
  • Look at our Contract
    Our Cloud contract has an “easy out” clause that minimizes your risk. If you are not satisfied with the hosted service for any reason you can cancel the contract with just 60 days notice. Your data will be returned to you.