RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant system
is your learning compliance solution.

The Virtual Training Assistant (VTA) has been designed from the ground up as a compliance focused Learning Management System (LMS). Since 1992, VTA has been supporting the need of learning professionals across the globe.

In VTA you’ll find robust reporting to forecast your training gaps. Assessment to document competency and drive performance. Support for all learning standards, like AICC, SCORM and xAPI. Easy integration with corporate ERP systems. Rapid implementation to get you up and running quickly. All with customer service that leads the industry.

Compliance Management

Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance by assigning mandatory learning events to
groups of students.  The VTA learning management solution can automate your refresher assignments, reducing your day-to-day workload.  Set it once and let VTA handle the rest.

  • Competency Assessment
  • Learning Plan Management
  • Robust Compliance Reporting
  • Automated Notifications
  • Online Testing & Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Dashboards
  • Forecast Learning Needs

Fast Implementation & Easy Integration

RISC knows you need to get your LMS up quickly.  Since 1992 we have a proven track record of rapid implementation, accurate data migration and integration with existing systems.

  • Self-service data imports
  • System configuration 
  • HRIS or other system integration
  • Administrator training & support
  • System branding
  • Data migration services

Proven Customer Service

Do you hate your current LMS?  Chances are you actually hate your LMS provider.
Customer service is critical to a successful LMS.  We’ve known this since 1992.
That’s why we won the Brandon-hall.com award for customer satisfaction, and
Josh Bersin called us a vendor “others can learn from.”

  • Our support is not outsourced
  • Staff empowered to solve your problem
  • Customer-driven enhancements
  • Quick escalation of issues
  • Continuous addition of new features
  • Active User Community

Upcoming Events

02/07/2022 - 02/10/2022

ATD TechKnowledge 2022 »

ATD TechKnowledge 2022

The intersection of technology and L&D has never been more critical. Getting your tech strategy right is paramount in today’s business environment where hybrid has become the norm. For the last two years, many L&D teams had to scramble to figure out how to shift to the virtual environment, and now it’s time to get intentional. Technology is an enabler.

For TK 2022—an all-virtual conference—we’re leaning into technology and best practices to provide L&D professionals real-time learning that will empower them to navigate a new world and set new rules. You’ll hear from today’s top experts who are helping organizations identify the tech tools and strategies needed for this new era of L&D. Embark on this all-virtual conference designed to show practitioners that tech-first learning works, is highly relevant, and drives real business results.

RISC’s Duncan Welder is speaking with co-presenter Judy Katz, Product Manager of PeBL Pro. Their session ‘Learner-Focused Design: xAPI Enabled Adaptivity and Complex Skills Development‘ is on February 10 at 11:15 am.

During this session, you’ll explore the impact of technology, like xAPI, on the future of e-learning; implement adaptivity, spaced repetition, and guided evaluation to help learners develop complex skills and drive learning retention; outline audience and content factors that influence the delivery of learning content for maximum impact; and evaluate some simple uses of learning analytics to help inform better design decisions in the future.

Application on the Job:

  • Gain resources to further explore the learning science behind adaptive learning and spaced repetition.
  • Receive an example adaptive primer on xAPI, incorporated with a spaced repetition element and instructor-graded lessons.

04/20/2022 - 04/22/2022

Learning Solutions 2022 »

Art Werkenthin is speaking at Learning Solutions 2022.

Learning Solutions 2022 Conference + Expo: Sharing What Works

This year’s Learning Solutions program offers a unique blend of world-class sessions covering organization-wide best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging industry trends. Expand your focus with new approaches that fit your needs, get inspired by industry leaders and experts, and develop new skills with hands-on activities.

RISC President, Art Werkenthin, will be presenting a session on: Using xAPI to Track Learning Experiences in Unity Games and x/R. For more info on sessions and speakers visit the Learning Solutions website.

Art published an article in Learning Solutions Magazine on this topic and you may find it here. Also, Art’s blog article on our site may be found here. Feel free to reach out to Art for xAPI questions or projects.

05/16/2022 - 05/18/2022

ATD 2022 International Conference + EXPO »

ATD 2022: people. perspectives. potential.

At ATD 2022 International Conference & EXPO you’ll discover new perspectives on developing talent, maximizing potential, and creating strategic transformations for your organizations and your learners. You’ll meet and collaborate with peers who are also looking to build long-term resiliency in the face of continuing change. You’ll leave inspired with big ideas and practical takeaways that can drive immediate improvement in your work.

After a year of transition and learning, ATD is ready to showcase another conference to bring together attendees from around the world to collaborate, network, and learn together—both in person and virtually.

The RISC team may be found in the Expo Hall in Booth 937. Stop by to chat with Art Werkenthin and Duncan Welder about all things xAPI, cmi5, or your learning ecosystem. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!