Compliance Management

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Are you tasked with Learning Compliance?  Do you manage training requirements driven by OSHA, the Department of Transportation, or to maintain ISO certification?

RISC designed the Virtual Training Assistant from the ground up as a compliance focused Learning Management System. RISC has been supporting the needs of high-compliance learning professionals across the globe since 1992.

Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance by assigning mandatory learning events to
groups of students.  VTA can automate your refresher assignments to reduce your
day-to-day workload while robust reports help you forecast upcoming training needs.  What are some of the ways VTA can help meet your compliance needs?

  • Competency Assessments can be used to document employee performance and foster performance discussions between supervisors and employees.
  • Learning Plan Management helps ensure the right training is delivered to the right audience at the right time.
  • Robust Compliance Reporting can be used to document training and assessment to support audit, identify performance gaps, and forecast upcoming training needs.
  • Automated Email Notifications ensure employees, supervisors and learning administrators are always aware of upcoming training requirements and notified of session changes.
  • Online Testing & Evaluation delivered through VTA provides deep item analysis of your question bank and an audit trail documenting every question update and each student interaction with the question bank.
  • Risk Assessment allows supervisors to rank an employee’s risk potential for different tasks and let the VTA system assign training based on their assessment.
  • Compliance Dashboards provide a quick and easy way to monitor employee compliance status at a glance.