VTA Evaluator is the student testing and analysis component of VTA. Evaluator allows you to:

  • Generate versatile question banks
  • Design and generate online or hardcopy tests
  • Easy-to-use test templates
  • Links to VTA Learner for delivery and administration of online tests

VTA Evaluator:

  • Links to VTA Administrator to record test results
  • Monitors student progress
  • Measures courseware and test effectiveness in meeting goals
  • Manages course and instructor evaluations and surveys

Key Benefits:
Adaptive training solutions improve the capital value of your resources. VTA Evaluator makes your organization more efficient and effective by:

  • Simplifying test creation
  • Delivering tests over the Internet or Intranet
  • Automatically grading tests
  • Automatically recording test results
  • Delivering class and instructor evaluations over the Internet or Intranet

To learn more about Evaluator and the VTA Suite, contact our team for information and a complimentary demo.