Features And Benefits Of VTA Administrator

VTA Administrator is the core module of the Virtual Training Assistant is designed by and for training managers to reduce the clerical workload and improve efficiency within the training department.

Administrator allows the training department to quickly and accurately determine training status for individuals, groups or the entire organization. Administrator provides convenient access to training information with powerful, flexible reporting. Exception reports help you monitor compliance with internal goals and regulatory requirements.

Quick and Easy Management of:

  • Course CatalogVTA Administrator¬†maintains a catalog of on-line, instructor led and blended-learning offerings:
    • Easy-to-manage, easy-to-use online catalog of course offerings
    • Saves time whenever classes are scheduled
    • Stores title and description, course objectives, prerequisites, required materials and credit hours
    • Helps manage qualified instructors and course delivery costs.
  • Training Requirements – Administrator Training Requirements are defined in the system for specific job titles, teams of learners or individual employees. By comparing requirements to training history, Administrator can identify employees or groups that are out of compliance or nearing their due dates.
  • Requirements can:
    • Be one-time or recurring events
    • Link to e-mail for automated reminders
    • Contain both a primary and a refresher course. After a student successfully completes the primary course, the student must periodically take the refresher
    • Allow for setting a due month so that training can be spread throughout the year
    • Be combined by logical and/or operators. For example, a student can be required to complete either Course A or Course B , Course A and Course B , or even any two of Course from a specified list
  • Qualified Instructor & Vendor Management -Is tracking qualified instructors and maintaining training vendor/provider information critical in your organization?
  • Administrator can:
    • Maintain a list of internal and external instructors qualified for a particular course
    • Meet requirements of regulatory agencies that require instructor names on training records

    When classes are recorded or scheduled, instructors can be selected from a convenient drop-down list

  • ¬†Student information– Administrator features reduce the clerical workload and improve efficiency of your training department
    • Student names and identification (ID) numbers are entered once, then maintained online
    • No need to re-enter data each time students are enrolled for a class…simply click on names or ID’s from drop-down lists or group enroll students into courses by selecting learner criteria.
    • VTA interfaces with many commercial and internally-developed HRIS such as SAP and PeopleSoft to automate the training assignments
  • Reports – Administrator Reports provide a robust slate of report formats with many user-selectable options. All reports can be exported to a variety of formats, such as Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Word and HTML. All reports can be run for individual learners, selected work groups, or even for an entire site. All reports can be tailored to your company’s specifications.
  • Report Examples:
    • Exception & Status Reports
      • Shows required training not yet completed to help forecast training
      • Displays learner progress through a defined curriculum
    • Training History Reports
      • Generate session rosters
      • Track training hours delivered
      • Create post-class certificates
    • Schedule Reports
      • Monitor registration for upcoming sessions
      • Generate sign-in sheets
    • Employee Reports
      • Generate transcripts of past training
      • Identify missing system information
    • Email Notifications
      Uses customizable templates that allows you to easily send:

        • On-demand email notifications of class cancellations, reschedules or other training notices
        • Automated notification, including:
              • Confirmation/Reminder notes for class enrollments
              • Reminders of upcoming, pending, or past due training requirements
              • Wishlist notifications – when a course on a student’s wishlist is scheduled, VTA notifies the student
              • Reminders for past-due surveys

To learn more about Administrator and the VTA Suite, contact our team for information and a complimentary demo.