VTA Learner is the online enrollment and e- learning component of VTA. VTA Learner makes enrolling and e-learning facilitation easy and worry free.

Using the VTA Learner‘s easy, intuitive interface, students and supervisors can:

  • Develop and view strategic training plans
  • Make effective training choices
    • Search an online course catalog
    • Select a course that meets plan objectives
    • View course schedules and select an instructor
  • Enroll quickly with a few mouse clicks

After course selection, VTA Learner can:

  • Delivers AICC and SCORM compliant e-learning modules to students
  • Administers online tests
  • Tracks student progress with comprehensive reports

Plus, VTA Learner

  • Manages enrollment capacity
  • Sends and receives enrollment confirmation notices, cancellations and other correspondence email
  • VTA Learner cuts cost and workload
  • VTA Learner makes your organization more efficient and effective.

To learn more about Learner and the VTA Suite, contact our team for information and a complimentary demo.