RISC, Inc. includes the following industry-leading support and service with RISC products.

90-Day Guarantee – A full 90-day, money-back guarantee.

Try RISC products at no risk. You can return any RISC software or support product for a full refund within 90 days, no questions asked.

Training – Two days of training for up to 10 students included at no cost with your purchased software.

  • Training includes instructor and class materials; you pay the travel costs of our instructor and provide the training room
  • Training is a valuable asset to assist with rapid system roll out (RISC) software is so intuitive and easy to install that in many cases clients are up and running in just days)

User Conference – RISC holds itsVTALive User Conferences focused on customers needs with advanced training, networking opportunites and general sessions.

Support and Upgrades– Every paid license includes one year of:

  • Free unlimited telephone support
  • Free unlimited email support
  • Free upgrades

RISC releases at least one upgrade every year.
You can continue the Support and Upgrades plan after the first year for a small annual fee based on the size of the license you purchased. RISC, Inc. upgrades software annually, based on user feedback. Programs are provided, as required, for smooth data conversion. With the Virtual Training Assistant™ system from RISC, you’ll always stay current.