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Output to Team in v6.3 – Replace, Append or Update?

April 15, 2012

In version 6.3, we’ve implemented some changes to Output to Team that will allow you to use it to maintain team memberships based upon report data. The table below is a quick summary of the different Output to Team options…

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Output to Team Enhancements in v6.3

In version 6.2, Output to Team adds students to the selected team if those students are on the report, but not already on the team. This is great! However, with subsequent report runs, the team membership can continue to grow…

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Output to Team

March 15, 2012

Introduction Starting with version 6.2, most reports that include Employees now have the Output to Team file type option. This allows you to add employees included in the report to a team. When Output to Team is selected, you will…

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Experimenting with VTA Report File Types

In my last blog, I explained the different report file types. I also gave you some cautions and some ideas for using each of the file types. In this entry, I have some simple experiments for you to run in…

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VTA Report File Types

February 15, 2012

When you run a report, the query created by your report tab selections extracts the data from the system and loads it into a temporary database.  The Report Form you selected on the WHERE tab uses the data in the…

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VTA Report Favorites

January 31, 2012

Report Favorites All reports have a “Save As Favorite” button.  After making your selections for report parameters on the Who/What/When/Where tabs, click Save As Favorite.  You are prompted to enter the Name of your favorite and a description. You access…

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Tip for finding the VTA Backoffice report to satisfy a reporting need

January 16, 2012

VTA provides some of the best reporting capabilities in the Learning Management System industry today.  However, as simple as we try to make the reporting process, it is important to appreciate the complexity of the system and understand the differences…

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