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Report Description

The Evaluator Log report displays all VTA Learner actions involved with starting, scoring, and storing tests, evaluations, checklists, and surveys for the date range selected (or All Dates). For troubleshooting purposes, you can run the report for a specific Employee.

The report shows the following:

• Date and time the action occurred.
• The user that completed the action.
• The employee that was affected by the action.
• The action that was taken.
• The affected employee name and message associated with the action.


Using This Report For Troubleshooting

The Evaluator Log report can be an invaluable troubleshooting resource because, among other things, it can be used to identify the following:

• If and when a student launched a specific test, evaluation, checklist or survey.
• Why a student has or does not have credit for a test lesson.
• Why a student has or does not have credit for an evaluation lesson.

Summary of Actions in the Report

The table below contains a summary of all the Actions logged in the Evaluator Log report.

Action  Relates To Description
 ABANDONTEST  Tests Logged when the student quits a test before it is completed.  It will indicate if the test has been bookmarked.
 APPROVETEST  Tests Logged when a proctor approves a test for the student.
 BOOKGRADED  Tests Logged when the student bookmarks a test that has already been graded.
 CHECKFINISH  Checklists Logged when a supervisor completes a checklist on a student.
 CHECKGRADE  Checklists Logged when the checklist responses are graded to see if passing criteria has been met.
 CHECKQUIT  Checklists Logged when a supervisor quits a checklist before it is completed.
 CHECKSTART  Checklists Logged when a supervisor starts a checklist on a student.
 CHECKRESUME  Checklists Logged when a supervisor resumes a checklist.
 DELETEIPTEST  Tests Logged when the in-progress test record is deleted after a completed test record has been created by VTA Learner.
 EVALCOMP  Evaluations Logged when the student completes an evaluation.
 GIVECREDIT  Tests Logged when a student passes the test and the completion is record in a history session.
 GRADETEST  Tests Logged when the student finishes the test and it is graded.  This entry contains the student’s score.
 INSTRUCT  Tests Logged when the student is shown the test instructions in Learner.  This entry contains the minimum passing score that must be acheived in order to pass this test.
 MOVETEST  Tests Logged when the student completes the test and the in-progress test is is moved to a completed test.
 NOTIFYFAIL  Tests Logged when a student has exceeded the number of retries allowed on a test.
 RETAKE  Tests Logged when the student starts a re-take – when enabled on the template this means the student only has to re-take missed questions provided the student’s initial score met the re-take minimum.
 RECOVERIPTEST  Tests Logged when an in-progress test is recovered.
 RESUMETEST  Tests Logged when the student returns to a bookmarked test.
 REVIEWTEST  Tests Logged when the student starts a test review.
 SHOWCOMP  Tests Logged when the student is at the end of the test.  This entry contains the number of questions that the student did not complete.
 STARTEVAL  Evaluations Logged when the student starts an evaluation.
 STARTLESSON  Tests Logged when the student is shown the first test question.
 STARTSURV  Surveys Logged when the student starts a survey.
 STARTTEST  Tests Logged when the student starts the test from the test instructions page and records the fact that Learner has created a test for the user.
 SURVCOMP  Surveys Logged when the student completes a survey.
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