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Compliance Training – Team Management Process (Part 2)

To continue this series on the VTA Team Management feature used to help organizations assign compliance training, let’s look at the General tab of a complete TMG record.

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Compliance Training – Team Management Process (Part 1)

Regardless of the complexity of your organization, you will need to consider an approach to VTA TM that works for everyone to manage their compliance training. Some aspects of the design must be determined to accommodate the entire organization, across the enterprise. These are settings, values or processes you set up to be used by everyone. Other decisions can be determined at the Site level.

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VTA Backoffice 7.2 Gets Social! – Part 2 Managing Skills Data

In the previous post, we looked at setting up Skills data in VTA Backoffice.  In this post, we will cover VTA Backoffice tools to help you manage Skills data.

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Compliance Training with Team Management in VTA 7.2

Team Management was designed to assign the right training for a student’s compliance training needs according to their Risk Level and Preferred Language, according to input from their Primary Supervisor in Learner. As we wrap it up into VTA 7.2, I’d like to officially introduce you to the 7th assessment type available in VTA to help meet your compliance training needs!

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VTA Backoffice 7.2 Gets Social! – Part 1 Setting Up Skills Data

February 23, 2015

By now, you’ve seen the announcements regarding the new social learning features in Learner 7.2.  Well, to support & manage those features like Skills, Endorsements and Blogs, VTA Backoffice 7.2 includes a whole new Social application.   This is where you will…

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New Recently Visited List in VTA Backoffice

February 16, 2015

There just aren’t enough minutes in the day!  Here at RISC we pride ourselves on providing tools to help VTA Administrators work better, faster and smarter!  This is why VTA Backoffice offers features like recurring training requirements, group enrollment/assignment capabilities, imports…

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Assign/Enroll Group Gets an Update – Part 1

Improved Filtering Capabilities Assign/Enroll Group is a feature in VTA that has been around forever, as a mechanism to assign/enroll multiple students at one time to a team, class session or program. After new grid filtering capabilities were introduced in…

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Menu Favorites in Learner 7.2

February 5, 2015

We have to face it; Learner has gotten big.  Version 7.2 is even bigger, with blogs, skill endorsements, Team Management Groups and people search.  So how do Learner users find things quickly?  Simple!  Use the new menu Favorites menu.

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Skills and Endorsements in VTA 7.2

The best way to learn? Find someone who knows something you don’t and get them to teach you about it. This has been a focus of the 7.2 release of the Virtual Training Assistant. First we added blogs, where your…

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RISC VTA Team Management Feature Is Now In Development!

Overview Team Management is a new tool that will provide Primary Supervisors an efficient way to update Team assignments in VTA Learner according to a Risk Level Rating AND a Student’s Preferred Language. It allows an organization to put control…

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