Instructor Title Screen
Instructor Title Screen


RISC Inc’s first mobile application, the PDF Annotator, was introduced at the 2014 VTALive conference in Las Vegas and mobile application development has not stopped since.

Based on user feedback, RISC has been active migrating a subset of Learner function to native mobile apps for Android and iOS while still testing the Learner web-based application for compatibility on Android and Apple devices.

RISC Instructor App

The VTA Instructor Application is RISC’s new app released in the iTunes app store and GooglePlay store on January 4, 2016.  The Instructor app extends the reach of the RISC Virtual Training Assistant LMS by providing both schedule and history session management in a modern, native-mobile application.  In addition the Instructor App replaces and expanding the functionality of the VTA Badge system to ease training administration without additional hardware to keep track of.

Schedule Session Management

Instructor App - Schedule Page
Instructor App – Schedule Page

Training sessions are still scheduled in the VTA BackOffice system.  When an instructor is associated with a session, he or she can access the session through the app similar to accessing the session through the VTA Learner Instructor menu group.  Within the application an instructor can display the sessions he/she is scheduled to teach as well as history sessions where they are listed as an instructor.

Within a scheduled session, Instructors may

  • View Rosters and Add Attendees
  • Email Class Participants, Custodians & Contacts
  • Update Scores and Completion Status
  • Move Sessions to History
  • Access Class Documents
  • Scan Student for Attendance


Instructor App - Add Student
Instructor App – Add Student

Of course the RISC Instructor App still respects the rules of VTA allowing conflict checking, pre-requisite verification and session maximums to be enforced or overwritten by the instructor.




Instructor App - Scan Attendance
Instructor App – Scan Attendance

History Session Management

For sessions taught by the instructor and already moved to history, the application will allow the instructor to:

  • View Rosters
  • Email Students
  • Access Class Documents



What is next?

Instructor App - Move to History
Instructor App – Move to History

First things first, have you checked out the RISC VTA Student App?  It too is available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store and is an excellent companion to the Instructor App.  Get more information here.

In the meantime, the RISC VTA Supervisor App is under development for release mid-2016.  The Supervisor App will not only provide supervisor’s access to manage student schedules and approve training requests from their mobile device but will help move training evaluations, such as performance checklists, into the context where learning takes place.  Imagine Supervisors signing off student competence on performance checklist from the field without a paper and pencil checklist to keep track of.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo.

Duncan Welder IV
Director of Client Services RISC, Inc
Mr. Welder holds a Master’s of Education from Texas A&M University in Educational Technology and has more than 25 years experience in implementation of Learning Management Systems, both domestically and abroad. Mr. Welder has been recognized for his application of Learning Management Systems to manage regulatory-compliance in industries ranging from petrochemicals to finance and has provided presentations to professional organizations including the Gulf Coast Process Technology Alliance, the Northwest Process Technology Alliance and the American Society of Training and Development.
Mr. Welder’s career is founded in traditional instructional design and computer-based training development. He is a certified Development Dimensions International facilitator, a Kirkpatrick Certified Evaluator and facilitator of the Ohio State University curriculum development program. In addition to working in industry, Mr. Welder has held adjunct faculty positions at Bowling Green State University, Ohio and the College of the Mainland, Texas. Mr. Welder has been published in both Training Magazine as well as US Business Review.