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Primary Supervisor and Performance Manager Added as Report Groups in VTA 7.2

We’ve had several users indicate that they would really like to be able to run reports by Primary Supervisor and Performance Manager. 

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New “Waived” lessons in VTA 7.2

Do you need to allow your students to “Test Out”?  Would you like them to be able to skip certain lessons if they complete another lesson?  In VTA 7.2, this is now possible.

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Assign/Enroll Group Gets an Update – Part 1

Improved Filtering Capabilities Assign/Enroll Group is a feature in VTA that has been around forever, as a mechanism to assign/enroll multiple students at one time to a team, class session or program. After new grid filtering capabilities were introduced in…

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Skills and Endorsements in VTA 7.2

The best way to learn? Find someone who knows something you don’t and get them to teach you about it. This has been a focus of the 7.2 release of the Virtual Training Assistant. First we added blogs, where your…

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Importing Students to a Team

One of the things that we heard loud and clear at the VTA Live 2014 User Conference in May was that you wanted the ability to do more importing, similar to the Import Roster functionality that is available in History…

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Status Counts Available on History and Schedule Grids

The 2014 VTA Live User’s Conference was, like all our user conferences, an opportunity for the user community to share ideas with RISC regarding upcoming features and share you did!  Thanks to your feedback we came away with some great…

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Course Code and Classroom Location tags now available in Class Email Templates

April 23, 2014

We were recently asked to include tags for both Course Code and Classroom Location in the Class Field list for email templates with Note Type = Class.  This will allow you to include Course Codes, along with Course Titles and Classroom…

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Course Ratings in VTA v7.1

It has become common on web sites to “rate” offerings, from books to magazines to music. Now, in VTA 7.1 you can let your students rate courses.

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Setting VTA Password Complexity in Backoffice

January 25, 2014

In System Properties found in VTA Utilities, the primary system administrator has the ability to configure password security settings for VTA Backoffice.  These settings are system settings, not site settings.  As such, they will apply across All VTA Backoffice users…

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New Forward Note feature in Student Mailbox

December 23, 2013

A wise VTA Administrator once said… It would be really handy to be able to forward a note from the Student Mailbox to someone just for those “rare” occasions when a student forgets that he or she received an email…

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