Evaluator 8.0 Manual

Evaluator Student Guide Updated for VTA 8.0

The VTA Evaluator Student Guide has been updated to match the major updates in VTA 8.0.

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Confident Measure in VTA Tests

Confidence Measure Available in VTA 8.0

Introduction I recently posted a video that discusses the Confidence Measure available in VTA 8.0. This post will go over some of the details described. The Confidence Measure is a Test Feedback feature that is presented on each Test Question…

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Course Pictures in VTA 8.1 and Learn4ia LMS

Course Access for Learners No one wants frustrated learners.  Making it easy for your learners to find the courses that they need, are applicable to them and the right fit for their jobs is a critical component for having LMS…

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Online Certificates in Learner

VTA Online Certificate – 2017 Update

Since VTA 8.0 got such a great makeover, we decided to spruce up the Online Certificate program, its instructions and templates.
There are other ways to associate or generate a completion certificate in VTA. For example:
•A modified Attendance Report can create a certificate for each student.
•You can scan hard-copies and associate them as Roster Documents so students, supervisors and instructors can access them in Learner.
Using the VTA Online Certificate program is still the easiest method to get a completion certificate into your students’ hands so we hope the 2017 updates help make that easier for you.

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New in 8.1: Customizable Learning Portal Page

January 31, 2017

Users in VTA Learner have long been able to customize their “start” page, and the administrator can set a default. In version 8.1 we add a customizable Learning Portal page.

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RISC – VTA Supervisor App for Android and iOS

Overview RISC Inc. continues to grow it’s stable of Mobile Apps with the addition of the Supervisor App.

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What is the cmi5 moveOn criteria? End the confusion.

December 5, 2016

The cmi5 specification includes a moveOn property in the course structure?  Why?  What’s it there for?  In this article I will attempt to end the confusion around the cmi5 moveOn property.

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Satisfying Competencies with Performance Checklists

Competency assessments within VTA provide a great way to ensure employees are qualified for their jobs, establish an inventory of skills within your organization and foster a continuous performance improvement discussion between employees and supervisors.  While most competency assessments are…

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What is the cmi5 masteryScore? End the confusion.

November 4, 2016

The cmi5 specification includes the masteryScore in the State API?  Why?  What’s it there for?  In this article I will attempt to end the confusion around the cmi5 masteryScore.

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What is the cmi5 returnURL? End the confusion.

October 27, 2016

The cmi5 specification calls for a “returnURL” to be placed in the State API document.  What is the cmi5 returnURL?  How is it used?  In this article I will attempt to end the confusion.

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