What is the cmi5 masteryScore? End the confusion.

November 4, 2016

The cmi5 specification includes the masteryScore in the State API?  Why?  What’s it there for?  In this article I will attempt to end the confusion around the cmi5 masteryScore.

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What is the cmi5 returnUrl? End the confusion.

October 27, 2016

The cmi5 specification calls for a “returnUrl” to be placed in the State API document.  What is the cmi5 returnUrl?  How is it used?  In this article I will attempt to end the confusion.

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What is the cmi5 Publisher ID? End the confusion.

August 26, 2016

The cmi5 specification calls for a “publisher ID” to be placed in the context extensions of an xAPI statement.  But what is the cmi5 publisher ID?  How does it differ from the activity ID?

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Learning Corner: Andrew Downes on Data Portability

August 15, 2016

This month’s edition of Learning Corner features guest contributor Andrew Downes, a Learning and Interoperability Consultant with Watershed LRS, discussing data portability and how to ensure that your data is portable. Andrew has a background in instructional design and development—including…

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Anatomy of an xAPI Statement – Part 2

This is the second of a two part article describing the different components of an xAPI statement.  In part one we covered the Actor, Verb and Object components of an xAPI statement.  Now we’ll continue by looking the Result and…

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Learning Corner: Sarah Gilbert on Mobile Development

Mobile Development & Design in Learning & Development In this month’s edition of ‘Learning Corner,’ our guest contributor is Sarah Gilbert, who shares her expert knowledge on mobile development and design in a Q&A format with us. Sarah specializes in…

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FocusOn Learning 2016 Recap

We’re pleased to have guest contributor Debbie Richards, president of Creative Interactive Ideas and an ATD Houston chapter board member, recapping the inaugural FocusOn Learning Conference! Her unique insights and viewpoint add a different dimension to this conference. Debbie was named one of the most influential…

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Anatomy of an xAPI Statement – Part 1

By now you’ve probably learned that an xAPI statement stores better, more usable data than SCORM.  When some people see the flexibility of xAPI, their first instinct is “store everything”.  But that may not be the best idea if you…

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Learning Corner: Brian Dusablon on Accessibility

Our guest contributor this month is Brian Dusablon. Most people call him Duce (and, in games and forums, Motherduce). He’s a dad, coach, geek, athlete, entrepreneur, volunteer, designer. He also happens to love rugby, Apple, WordPress, the Cubs, motorcycles and craft beer….

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xAPI – Where’s the data? Creating statements for learning events.

xAPI Overview The experience API (xAPI) was developed to help track learning experiences that haven’t been easy to capture in a traditional learning platform.  There are a number of sources for good xAPI data – Megan Torrance, with Torrance Learning,…

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