RISC Inc. continues to grow it’s stable of Mobile Apps with the addition of the Supervisor App.

Competency assessments within VTA
RISC Supervisor App

Following the pattern established with the RISC Instructor and Student Apps, RISC has been active migrating a subset of Learner function to native mobile apps for Android and iOS while still testing the Learner web-based application for compatibility on Android and Apple devices.


RISC Supervisor App

The VTA Supervisor Application is RISC’s newest app released in the iTunes app store and GooglePlay store in the Fall of 2016.  The Supervisor app extends the reach of the RISC Virtual Training Assistant LMS by providing the ability to approve student enrollment and complete performance checklists on- or off-line in a modern, native-mobile application.


Registration Requests

RISC Supervisor App - Registration Approval
Registration Approval
RISC Supervisor App - Approval Verification
Approval Verification

The VTA Supervisor app allows supervisors to view pending enrollments and either approve or reject those enrollments.  The requirement for a course to require approval – can be set in the course catalog in VTA BackOffice for both self-study and instructor-led training.  This setting can be over written at the individual session level for ILT sessions.



When an enrollment is approved or rejected, the student is notified via email automatically and his/her calendar notice is updated from tentative to confirmed (if approved) or removed is rejected.


A Batch Mode option is provided to approve or reject a number of checklists at one time.  Similar to the batch update ability of the VTA Instructor App. 


Checklist Completion

RISC Supervisor App - Checklist Item Approved
Checklist Item Approved
RISC Supervisor App - Checklist Access
Checklist Access

Performance Checklists can also be completed for employees through the VTA Supervisor App.  In the app, all students that have checklists assigned as the next lesson in a course – whether started or not – are displayed in the list for selection.


When a checklist is opened, the supervisor can complete the checklist items and update notes assuming the rating allows for comment on the checklist item.

Once submitted, the checklist is synchronized with VTA BackOffice .  The supervisor can download checklists while he/she has an wifi or mobile network connection, complete the checklist off-line and sync once they again have internet access.

Checklists can even be used to satisfy competency assessments using the course “meets” competency function in the course catalog.


So, what is next?

Aging Dashboard Widget
In-Progress Aging Dashboard Widget graphic

The second version of the Supervisor App is already under development to add supervisor dashboards like those available now in VTA Learner.


Are you interested in getting started with VTA Mobile Apps?  If so, contact RISC today for your access code.

Duncan Welder IV
Director of Client Services RISC, Inc
Mr. Welder holds a Master’s of Education from Texas A&M University in Educational Technology and has more than 25 years experience in implementation of Learning Management Systems, both domestically and abroad. Mr. Welder has been recognized for his application of Learning Management Systems to manage regulatory-compliance in industries ranging from petrochemicals to finance and has provided presentations to professional organizations including the Gulf Coast Process Technology Alliance, the Northwest Process Technology Alliance and the American Society of Training and Development.
Mr. Welder’s career is founded in traditional instructional design and computer-based training development. He is a certified Development Dimensions International facilitator, a Kirkpatrick Certified Evaluator and facilitator of the Ohio State University curriculum development program. In addition to working in industry, Mr. Welder has held adjunct faculty positions at Bowling Green State University, Ohio and the College of the Mainland, Texas. Mr. Welder has been published in both Training Magazine as well as US Business Review.