VTA Online Certificate – 2018 Update


With a new year comes a VTA Online Certificate Program update!

You can provide students the ability to launch a completion certificate when they have completed all required Lessons of a course.

In 2017, I blogged when we added:

  • 6 History Class Session record fields (to increase the parameters you can use).
  • PDF Download buttons (to make it easier for Students to retrieve, save and /or print them).

What’s New for Certificates in 2018

In 2018, we added:

  • The first 10 Custom Categories values associated on a Student record.
  • A new sample template in the zip file.

Fields Available

The updated Online Certificate Program will pull the following fields for display on certificates:

  • Student Full Name
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Student ID
  • Student Learner ID
  • Student Badge Number
  • Student Site Code
  • Student Site Name
  • Student Department
  • Student Custom Categories 1 to 10 new-graphic
  • Course Title
  • Full Course Code
  • Student Completion Date
  • History Class Session Credit Hours
  • History Class Session Instructor Name
  • History Class Session Record ID
  • History Class Session Hours Breakdown 1 (first record is pulled)
  • History Class Session Hours Breakdown 2 (second record is pulled)
  • History Class Session Start Date
  • History Class Session End Date
  • History Class Session Classroom
  • History Class Session Classroom Location

Instructions and Templates

Get the fully updated instructions on how to get online certificates working in your system.

Get the updated templates.


The VTA Online Certificate Program is an easy way to get your students an on-demand certificate.

We hope the expanded list of available fields helps make that more functional for you in 2018!

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