Proficiency Levels and Proficiency Indicators – Part 3 of 3 (Site-Specific Indicators)

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This is the last of a three-part series.  Refer to Part 1 and Part 2 for things you need to know and do in order to create Site-Specific Indicators.

Site-Specific Indicators Provide Greater Flexibility

On the topic of Proficiency Levels and Indicators, “Site-Specific Indicators” deserve a mention.  Having the ability to define Site-Specific (Proficiency) Indicators apply only to those who have multi-site VTA installations.

Site-specific Indicators provide the ability for a site to specify their own indicators thus overriding the Proficiency Indicators set by the site owning the Competency. For example, Sites A and B share a Competency in common.  The Administrator for Site B may use a Competency belonging to Site A with Proficiency Indicators tailored to Site B.  You can create your own site specific Indicators only if the site owning the competency checks the box for Allow Site-specific Indicators on the General tab for their Competency.

One caution about using Site Specific indicators is that they limit your ability to accurately evaluate skill/competence between sites.  For example, when employees across sites are evaluated against common competencies, their skills should be transferrable between jobs and locations.  When Performance Indicators become site-specific, their transferability is lost.

3-1 Allow SSI

The screen shot to the right shows the Competency owner has checked the Allow Site Specific Indicators box which allows other sites to define their own site-specific indicators for the Competency entitled “Write User Procedures”.

Site Specific Indicators are added under the Competent menu in Evaluator. On the General tab, the Competency Group is chosen as is the owner Competency Site at which point the desired Competency is available to select.

3-3 Indicator override

Once the competency has been selected, click the Indicators tab to view the Default Indicators (from the owning site) and an open memo field in which to add your site’s Indicators that will override the owning sites indicators wherever this Competency appears on your site’s student assessments in Learner.  Site-Specific Indicators are defined for each enterprise Proficiency Level by selecting the Next button until Indicators for all Proficiency Levels have been defined.

Being able to tailor your proficiency indicators to fit your site’s requirements makes the Competency System even more flexible for your needs!

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