Delete In-Progress Training

Frequently students start a multi-lesson course and do not finish it.  This feature will allow you to delete old in-progress training records.  This is a great tool for cleaning up your history files.

The screen for this feature is shown below:


This feature includes the following options:

  • You can purge in-progress training that was started within a range of dates.
  • You can purge in-progress training for all employees at a site, selected employees or all employees at all sites depending on your security options.
  • You can purge training for active employees only, inactive employees only, or both inactive and active employees.
  • You can purge training for all courses, selected courses or selected Standard Codes.
  • The Review button generates the In-Progress Aging report based on your filter choices.  This allows you to preview data prior to purging.
  • The Delete button purges data based on your filter selections.
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Art Werkenthin
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