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VTA’s Employee Group auto-complete fields will allow for the use of wild cards!

Wild cards are characters that can be used to substitute for any other character or characters in a string. VTA Employee Group fields are strings. When VTA auto-complete fields are turned on, you decrease the page-loading time. If you do not use auto-complete fields, each field would have to load all values to all fields for selection from a drop-down list.

With the introduction of auto-complete fields in VTA, it seemed more critical than ever to really know your data. It’s fine for Employee and Course records because they each have their own Search tools, but what about other Employee Group fields? What if you have 5000 Teams? What if you’re new?  You can use the wildcards below to help you locate data in auto-complete fields.

 As with any auto-complete field in VTA, only Active records are displayed in the results.

List of Acceptable Symbols

Symbol Name Use
% Percent (alone) Get all values
%abc Percent with phrase (one or more characters) Include values containing the phrase
[ ] Open/Close Square Brackets Create a character container
^ Carrot (Shift+6) Create a “not” (exclude) filter
%[ Percent with Open Square Bracket Create an “ends with character” filter
_ Underscore Substitute for any character
Dash (used with Square Brackets) Create a range of characters

To see examples of these wild cards in use, start the VTA Online Help and enter “wild cards” into the Quick Search box in the top task bar.

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