Training Center Schedule Kiosk

Industry – Technical Training Center

Overview: the technical training center provides a catalog of instructor-led courses on an open-enrollment basis for employees working off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico. Company training departments enroll their employees into applicable courses at the technical training center and send employees to the center to complete training before going off-shore. The training center reception area was overwhelmed in the mornings as employees were arriving at the facility unsure where to attend training or even what courses they may need to take. Once employees were sorted into their respective classrooms, instructors then faced the challenge of documenting student attendance for tracking since each attendee in a course may be from a different company.

Challenges and Solutions: to solve this problem, a VTA kiosk was placed in the training center reception area. A student can go to the kiosk and enter his/her email address as a unique identifier. The kiosk will then print the student’s schedule with the proper times and classrooms for each of the sessions the person is attending. The schedule includes a bar-code that the instructor scans as the student enters the room. The scan either records the student’s attendance in the session or gives an alert if the student is not scheduled for that session or the student has not met the pre-requisites for the session.

By applying a bit of forward thinking to how the learning data can be used to minimize administrative burden and increase accuracy, the training center has been able to transition logistics management to a self-service model allowing technical training center staff to focus on their jobs – providing quality training.

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