Well, just Blog about it! New in Learner 7.2, Blogs (Part 2)

So, you have Subject Matter Experts and you have many students that could use their knowledge. What’s the easiest way to make that knowledge transfer from one SME to many students? Blog it! In our continuing effort to support social learning, we have added blogs to Learner 7.2. This is part 2 of a two part arcticle.

The Blogs Are Coming

This is part 2 of a two part article on the new blog features in Learner.  In part 1, we talked about creating, searching and viewing blog articles.  We also showed how you can “follow” a blog author.  Now we will show you where to view articles you follow,  how to “follow” a skill, and how locate articles with the new People Search feature.  You can view Part 1 of this article here.

Blogs You Follow

We’ve added a new menu option to My Learner in 7.2 called “My Community”.  On the My Community page you can:

  • View articles by authors and skills that you follow.
  • View the organization structure of your group.
  • Update your bio and interests.
  • Add skills to your skills inventory.

We’ll cover the non-blog features in other articles.  Here’s a look at the Blogs I Follow page.


The page displays blogs for authors and skills that you follow. To view the blog article, you simply click the title.  Below the article summary you can see the associated skills.  Clicking a skill will take you to the Blogs For Skill page, which we will cover next.

Blogs For Skill

The Blogs For Skill page displays all articles associated with a particular skill.  As I mentioned in the previous article, skills and skill categories are created in VTA Backoffice.


To view a blog article, simply click its title.  Notice the “Follow” button.  This is how you follow / unfollow skills.  Anytime someone posts a new article related to a skill you are following, that article will show on your Blogs I Follow page.

People Search

There’s one other place you can view blogs and that is from the new People Search feature in Learner 7.2.  In the screen shot below, I searched for “rich” and found 3 people that have “rich” somewhere in their name or nick name.


Now, when I click on Richard Arnot, I see our new Person Details page.  Click on the “Blog” tab and you can see all articles posted by Richard Arnot.



I hope you have enjoyed this tour of the new Blog features coming in Learner 7.2.  Blogs are a great way to transfer knowledge from your subject matter experts to your students.


Art Werkenthin
Art Werkenthin is president of RISC, Inc. and has over 30 years' experience working with LMS systems in the Oil & Gas, Retail, Finance and other industries. Mr. Werkenthin holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. in Information Systems Management from the University of Texas. Mr. Werkenthin is a member of the ADL cmi5 committee and frequently presents on cmi5 and xAPI. Follow him on Twitter @AWerkenthin for xAPI and cmi5 updates, as well as blog post announcements.