VTA 8.2 Online Help is Live and Responsive!


It’s official. The VTA 8.2 Online Help system is now in the production cloud system! So cloud clients can launch it today.


  • Visual Topics
  • Video Library
  • Responsive Design
  • Content updated for new features, system updates and clarity (when users asked for more detail, better images or clearer text).
Visual Topics

Below is a screen shot from a Visual Topic on Importing Students to a Team.

It brings you through the process step-by-step, including what may happen if you get off track, such as using bad data during your import.

To access them, a “Visual Topics” chapter was added to the VTA Online Help’s Table of Contents.

We have the topics listed below available now:

Video Library

To access them, a “Video Library” chapter was added to the VTA Online Help’s Table of Contents.

We have the topics listed below available now:

VTA Online Help Video Library

Responsive Design

Large, Medium or Small? Your choice.

On a desktop, it might look like this:

On a tablet or phone, it might look like this:

Updated Content

Here are a few areas that were added or updated:

  • Copy Role feature added.

Copy Role

  • Requirement Grace Period, Frequency and Priority defaults values can now be set on Course records.

For New Requirements

  • Report Changes:
    • History Charges & Scheduled Charges Reports updated with more trainee data to better show:
      • Budgets
      • Charge/Do Not Charge Status
      • Variances in currency

Charge Reports

    • Exemption Report format corrections made to address an Adobe PDF font issue.
    • List Students Report CSV now has the Student’s Learner use acknowledgement for VTA.
    • Requirement Status Graph Reports updated with colored bar graphs related to their compliance percentage.

Status Reports

  • Paging, Filters and Options added to more grids.
  • Named Assessors grids now have Max Assessment Level values on the grid.

Competency Named Assessors

  • Record Changes:
    • Additional HTML Editors added to multi-text fields.
    • Currency Converter removed from Course, Schedule, History and Roster records.
    • Schedule & History Session Lessons now display the following message to make it clear you cannot choose the SCORM Completion Action for History and/or Schedule Lessons:

Session Lesson SCORM Note

    • Course and Session Forums can be turned on from the Course record.

Course and Session Forums

    • Learner Password lengthened to allow values up to 50 characters.
  • Email Changes:
    • Broadcast Email and Email Templates
      • The following multi-row Email Tokens cannot be used for the Subject line of the email.
      • We added validation to let you know if they were used by mistake.
        • Classroom Description: {{ClassroomDescription}}
        • Room Location: {{RoomLocation}}
        • Class Comment: {{ClassComment}}
    • Broadcast Email to Class Session
      • Primary Supervisor is now in the CC of the message sent to the Student to add clarity of the email’s recipient.
      • Also, if {{StudentStatus}} is included in a note CC’ing Instructors, their Status will be displayed as “Instructor”.
    • Email Template Message size increased from 8000 to 64000 characters (so you can now email out that novel you’ve been working on).
  • Miscellaneous Changes:
    • User’s Profile updated to remove auto-complete opt-outs and include the User’s Email address. (All users are now set to use auto-completes.)
    • Student & Course Search windows updated to better fit the tools (no more scrolling… yay!)

VTA 8.1 vs VTA 8.2 Student Search

    • You can now delete Advisor Surveys in the “Retirement” Stage.
    • Student Import was enhanced to address issues of common user errors or blank values.
    • Tooltips were added to to the various system utilities in the system.


So there you have it. New VTA = new VTA Online Help.

If there’s a Visual Topic, Video or other VTA Online Help section you would like added or enhanced to help you or your VTA administrators, contact me at MarcL@RISC-inc.com.

Like the new Online Help, I’m responsive : )

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