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The Shape of Things To Come

In VTA 7.0, the Student (previously Employee), Job Title, Team and Course Status Matrix Reports will start using distinctive shapes in addition to the colors displayed to indicate past due, coming due and compliant Requirements.

Matrix Report Square – Overdue

Matrix Report Slash – Coming Due Within 60 days

Matrix Report Circle – Compliant

The sample below shows a Course Status Matrix Report using the updated report form.

Updated Course Status Matrix Report in VTA 7.0

Why The Change?

This resolves two issues mentioned by users of the report:

Helping the color-blind

The more the report is used within an organization, the chances that a color-blind person will review the report go up. Using distinctive shapes helps those that need something in addition to color to use the report.

Printing in black and white

When everything was a circle, printing the report in black and white made it difficult to distinguish between the red and green circles. By using a square and a circle, printing in black and white is not an issue.

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