RISC VTA Team Management Feature Is Now In Development!


Team Management is a new tool that will provide Primary Supervisors an efficient way to update Team assignments in VTA Learner according to a Risk Level Rating AND a Student’s Preferred Language.

It allows an organization to put control over a select list of Teams (with training Requirements) in the hands of supervisors.

For clients that provide training in multiple languages, the secondary criteria of the Student’s Preferred Language will assign the correct training in their preferred language! No more setting up ‘Requirement Groups’ to have Students select the Course for their language – which means you can run proper Course Exception Reports!

Team Management also includes the ability to quickly compare:

  • What is assigned to a Student vs. what potentially can be assigned to a Student for the designed initiative.
  • One Student’s assignments vs. others in their peer group.

VTA Learner Supervisor Grid Preview

Each time the design group met, the core focus was on delivering functionality and ease of use.

Below is a work-in-progress, cropped screen shot of the Supervisor grid for the new Team Management tool in VTA Learner.

Team Management Supervisor Grid

See the full Team Management Supervisor Grid

There are so many utilties being built into this new VTA tool, there’s no way I could cover them in one blog article, so I’ll keep you updated as work progresses over the next few months, but here are a few:

  • You can have an unlimited number of Team Management Groups (TMG) associated to a person. That allows various parts of an organization to develop a group of Teams that they allow to be controlled in Learner, such as HR, IT or Compliance/Risk Management.
  • For each TMG, you can use a Student Filter to get exactly who you want to work with on screen. Each Student column will include:
  • Their profile image which, when hovered, will display a contact card tooltip with more information about them.
  • Their current Preferred Language which, when combined with their Risk Level Rating, will manage their Team Assignment for the item.
  • Their Current Risk Level (“High”, “Low” or Not Applicable).
  • A Draft column that the supervisor can use to make necesary updates. As soon as a change is made, their work is saved.
  • Each item will allow a tooltip and a reference link to be associated. This quickly helps the supervisor get more information to help them determine the correct Risk Level Rating to apply.
  • There may be items within the TMG that a supervisor cannot manage. They will be displayed, but shown as “Required”.

Why Use VTA ‘Team Management’ vs. Other Methods (I’m looking at you ‘Advisor Surveys’)

If you are familiar with VTA, you know there are lots of ways to get a Team Assignment updated when you know who should get on the Team. They can be added or deleted manually; there’s the forthcoming Import To Team feature; the existing Report Favorite feature with the Output To Team option; or the VTA Auto-Team Program that looks at Student Group rules to determine who should be added or deleted.

What about when you don’t know who should get on the Team? Do they they need the training or not? Do they need an in-depth course or just an overview? We have the training in Spanish and Chinese… who needs it?

If you would have asked me those questions 6 months ago, I would have said, “use VTA Advisor.” It allows you to develop a questionnaire, including branching, that adds or removes Team Assignments according to a supervisor’s response.

If you ask me those questions again in 6 months, I will tell you, “use VTA Team Management!”

It’s going to be a quicker process for supervisors to update Team assignments, easier for them to compare one person to another, have the ability to assign training for multiple levels of complexity AND multi-language courses!

Stayed tuned over the next 6 months as we progress quickly to a release in early 2015 of the new VTA Team Management feature!

Team Management Updates:

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