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Turning Technologies’ polling software integrates with RISC’s VTA™ learning management system.

June 25, 2014 – Youngstown, OH – Turning Technologies, the leading partner for learning engagement and assessment services, today announced a strategic partnership with RISC Inc., a premier provider of learning management systems.  Polling software TurningPoint® now directly integrates with RISC Inc.’s VTA Learner™learning management system, allowing session results to be seamlessly uploaded into VTA Learner for immediate assessment.
“Integration with RISC Inc.’s VTA LMS Suite helps our clients enhance compliance and competency reporting, essential for training and business organizations,” said Mike Broderick, Turning Technologies’ CEO.  “The powerful combination of instant data collection available with TurningPoint polling software and detailed analysis capabilities of VTA Learner offers unique insights in order to measure training effectiveness.  Our partnership with RISC Inc. exhibits our commitment to improving learner success while collecting critical data for use in meaningful ways.”
“Working with Turning Technologies helps expand an instructor’s reach within the classroom, driving consistent content delivery while increasing learner interaction and retention. Strengthening the RISC VTA, Turning Technologies integration helps capture the data needed to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous improvement with real-time feedback and analysis of test results,” said Duncan Welder, RISC’s Director of Client Services.
Turning Technologies develops instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. Leading response systems create engaging, interactive presentations, increase retention and instantly assess understanding. Flagship TurningPoint polling software natively integrates with PowerPoint®, polls with any application using a floating toolbar and offers self-paced testing. Results display on screen and collect in detailed reports that offer export and integration options. Participant data can be tracked or collected anonymously for honest feedback. TurningPoint provides the ability to assess knowledge in real-time to ensure that content is resonating and learning objectives are met.
VTA provides an array of tools designed to allow the learner to efficiently focus their time on developmental activities, while providing the organization with a consistently evaluated inventory of skills.  VTA Learner is the online enrollment and e- learning component of VTA. The Learner component makes enrolling and e-learning facilitation easy in order to document employee skills for workforce deployment, succession planning and recruiting and compensation.  The VTA platform ensures consistent evaluation across the organization and can develop individual development plans to close competency gaps.
About Turning Technologies:
Turning Technologies creates leading instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments.  Founded in 2002, the company began with the development of response technology that was affordable, user-friendly and better documented so that users could easily grasp its benefits.  Today, over 15 million response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide.  As the recognized leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection systems, Turning acquired eInstruction in 2013 to expand both its market share and product offerings across all industry segments.  eInstruction is a proud pioneer in education technology with more than 30 years of  experience and a diversified solution set that includes innovative classroom instruction systems, interactive whiteboards, research-based software and professional development that facilitate significantly higher levels of collaboration, engagement and achievement across all stages of the learning process.  Adding to its robust product portfolio, Turning also now offers the Triton Data Collection System, a technology-enabled testing solution that combines the front end ease of paper testing with the efficiencies of computer-based testing, rock solid reliability and security for various assessment and certification environments.  Based in Youngstown, OH, information on Turning Technologies can be found at www.TurningTechnologies.com.  Follow @TurningTech.
About RISC Inc.:
Founded in 1992, RISC, Inc. has been a pioneer company in Learning Management software receiving U.S. News and World Reports “Best of Breed” for LMS and a number of awards in the LMS customer satisfaction space. The company’s Virtual Training Assistant suite, offered as an ASP or licensed software, is the culmination of more than 21 years of continuous enhancement driven by customer and industry-solicited input. RISC software users represent leaders in a broad range of industry and government entities from Koch Industries, the City of Berkeley, Food Lion, Food City, NASA and ASRC Energy. Visit www.risc-inc.com. Follow @RISC_Inc.