RISC and iSpring Announce First cmi5 Interoperable Solution

RISC, Inc. and iSpring Solutions, Inc. have announced the first commercially available combination of an authoring tool and LMS compatible with the new cmi5 eLearning standard.

At the DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, RISC and iSpring Solutions, Inc., the leading eLearning authoring tools vendor, announced the first commercially available combination of an authoring tool and LMS compatible with the cutting-edge cmi5 eLearning standard.

Content produced by the iSpring Suite authoring software is now fully compatible with RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant learning management system, giving full interoperability between two products over the cmi5 protocol.

cmi5 is the latest eLearning standard that addresses the shortcomings of the SCORM standard. The new protocol works on top of xAPI and allows LMSs to report detailed data on learners’ activities. cmi5 helps close security concerns in SCORM, supports distributed content and eliminates pop-up windows that are incompatible with mobile delivery. cmi5 hit a major milestone in June 2016 when the ADL released the first production-ready version of the specification.

“iSpring is always on the forefront of the eLearning technologies. We were one of the first adopters of the Tin Can API. Now we are one of the first adopters of cmi5,” says Yury Uskov, the CEO of iSpring Solutions Inc. “We believe that our cooperation with RISC will make the cmi5 standard more popular among other vendors.”


“At RISC, we are proud to be the first commercially available cmi5 LMS,” states Duncan Welder, Director of Client Services for RISC. “Now, with iSpring’s proven cmi5 interoperability, we are truly excited to see the next generation of web-based training beginning to take shape, driven by a forward-thinking organization.”


“Having worked on the cmi5 specification for over 3 years, it is truly exciting to see it come to life in real world applications,” states Art Werkenthin, President of RISC.

Support of cmi5 is available from version 8.5 of iSpring Suite, a PowerPoint-based eLearning authoring tool. RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant learning management system supports cmi5 starting with version 8.0. Both updates are currently available.

RISC and iSpring pioneered the support of cmi5 in learning management systems and authoring tools, respectively. The two companies also joined forces to ensure compatibility of the first cmi5 authoring tool and the first cmi5 LMS. This offers business and academic customers an early possibility to benefit from the newest standard in a production environment.

About iSpring
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iSpring products are used by 13,000 companies and government agencies worldwide, including Google, HP, AT&T, Amazon, P&G, and Boeing and 1,500 world-famous universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, and MIT.

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