RISC Announces E-commerce Enhancement

Houston, TX – On March 1, 2010, RISC Incorporated announced the rollout of new ecommerce component to the Virtual Training Assistant Learning Management Suite.

This enhanced functionality provided in VTA version 6.0 allows system administrators to configure both on-line as well as instructor-led training to be paid for ‘on demand’ through Paypal or by credit card. More importantly, different types of students may be charged while others are not. For example, employees may be able to register for or launch courses at no cost while contractors and business partners are charged for their participation.

“As more of our clients look for opportunities to move training from an expense to a revenue stream, enhancing this part of our offering just made good sense.” says W. Duncan Welder IV, RISC’s Manager of Business Development.

Because the VTA suite is requirements-driven system, advanced e-commerce functionality can be uniquely valuable. RISC clients that provide regulatory compliance training or training with continuing education requirements can capitalize on a distinct advantage. Vince Obrzut, RISC Director of technical development noted that, “The whole process can be configured to run on auto-pilot.” When describing how refresher training can be set so that students receive automated e-mail notices prior to its expiration guiding students back into an e-commerce portal for on-going training.

About RISC, Inc. – Founded in 1992, RISC, Inc. has been a pioneer company in Learning Management software receiving U.S. News and World Reports “Best of Breed” for LMS and a number of awards in the LMS customer satisfaction space.

The company’s Virtual Training Assistant suite, offered as an ASP or licensed software, is the culmination of more than 18 years of continuous enhancement driven by customer and industry-solicited input. RISC software users represent leaders in a broad range of industry and government entities from BP, the City of Berkeley, Food Lion, Food City, NASA and the Big Y Foods. (www.risc-inc.com)