Powerful Integration: Leveraging xAPI to Measure Learning

Easy and Powerful Learning Experience Integration

RISC, Inc. & xapiapps – Leveraging xAPI to Measure Learning

One promise of xAPI is easy integration between different learning platforms. As early xAPI adopter companies, RISC and xapiapps (Adelaide, Australia) have proven integration.  Integrating RISC’s xAPI enabled LMS with the robust stable of xAPI-based tools provided by xapiapps can expand your organization’s learning ecosystem.

RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant (VTA) LMS is the first fully xAPI enabled LMS. Any interaction a learner has within the LMS is tracked and sent as an xAPI statement to a connected Learning Record Store (LRS). Everything, from enrolling in a course to launching content, is automatically recorded, and this high level of data resolution carries across into the RISC LMS.

xapiapps is a software company founded in 2014 with one goal in mind – to bring true insight to on-the-job learning. xapiapps provides s a new way of managing, delivering and measuring your employee training through a series of xAPI driven apps that can be run independently or as elements of components of your existing learning infrastructure.

“I’m thrilled that our clients can expand the scope of their training through this integration,” says Art Werkenthin, President and CEO of RISC. Setting up xAPI apps to write to the RISC LRS is a snap. Just enter credentials to the RISC LRS when setting up xapiapps and start to work. All data from the RISC LMS and xapiapps will be combined into the LRS so it becomes a single point of collecting learning data.

When learning data is critical, RISC and xapiapps make a great combination. RISC has focused for 25 years on meeting the regulatory demands of high-consequence organizations in industries like Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing. xapiapps focused from day one on using xAPI to provide evidence of training – especially training that happens outside the traditional classroom or launched from an LMS.

“I appreciate the modular way xapiapps works,” notes Duncan Welder, RISC’s Director of Client Services. Organizations can choose functions they need like badging or coaching checklists to expand their training offer and know that the xapiapps tools will work with your existing LRS.

“We are really excited about this integration with RISC. We see great potential for xapiapps to deliver on-the-job performance support tools in conjunction with RISC’s LMS, providing customers with a seamless end-to-end compliance training solution.” Nick Stephenson, CEO of xapiapps.

For more information or a consultation on your xAPI projects, contact us: sales@risc-inc.com.

ABOUT xapiapps

xapiapps is a software company founded in 2014 with one goal in mind – to bring true insight to on-the-job learning. Our team is committed to developing a platform that is the go-to-place for L&D departments looking to get started with xAPI.

Today we help organizations all over the world create measurable learning experiences. Learn more at: xapiapps.com.