White Paper: Cracking the Mobile Learning Code

Stephen Victor has published his latest white paper, Cracking the Mobile Learning Code: xAPI and cmi5 this week. Stephen is a Strategy and Design Lead with RISC partner, Obsidian Learning. With over 20 years in the learning industry, he has completed major initiatives for oil and gas, healthcare, insurance/financial, telecommunications, airline, retail, and government agencies. He holds a Ph.D. in Education (Instructional Design for Online Learning emphasis) from Capella University. Follow him on Twitter (@StephenPVictor) for musings on learning and technology.

The white paper looks at global trends in mobile technology usage, discusses ways in which mobile tools can support both formal and informal learning, and presents real-world examples of using xAPI and cmi5 to take mobile learning to the next level. Below is a brief abstract of the document:
Mobile technology use is continually increasing, making it possible for us to connect to both information and other people in remarkable ways. This paper discusses how mobile technologies can support both formal and informal learning in instructor-led training (ILT), web-based training (WBT), blended learning experiences, and on-the-job performance support. It also addresses global trends in mobile technology use, and presents examples of novel applications of mobile learning. Finally, it provides a technical overview of xAPI and cmi5 and examines how these technologies can be used to capture the entire spectrum of learning, from formal to informal.
We are thrilled that RISC President, Art Werkenthin, was invited to contribute his expertise on xAPI and cmi5 for the white paper.
To learn more about mobile learning, xAPI, and cmi5, you may download the white paper here: Cracking the Mobile Learning Code: xAPI and cmi5.