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Previously, if you wanted to view Advisor Survey question information, you would either have to open or preview the record in VTA Evaluator or pilot the survey in VTA Learner. Neither method was as quick as it will be in VTA 6.3. Using the new List Advisor Survey Questions Report, you will now be able to pull the Questions, Answers, their associated Go To question numbers and Assign To Teams and the Requirements assigned to those Teams!

WHAT tab

On the report window’s WHAT tab (see image below), after selecting the Advisor Survey Template (you can only run the report on a single template at a time), you can choose to display or hide any of the following optional data for each question:

  • Go To Question #
  • Assign To Team, including the Team Site Code and Team Name
  • Team Requirements, including
    • Primary Course Site Code, Code and Title
    • Refresher Course Site Code, Code and Title
    • Requirement Group Name, Course Site Codes, Codes, Titles and the number of courses required

List Advisor Survey Questions Report WHAT tab

Report Header

The report will display the following in the header:

  • Advisor Survey Template Name
  • To Be Completed By (Student or Performance Manager)
  • Approval Required (displayed if the survey is set to be completed by a Student; hidden if set to be completed by Performance Manager)
  • Instructions (only displayed on page 1)

Report Details

In addition to the optional data, the following will be displayed for each Question:

  • Question Order
  • Question Name
  • Allow Comment (“Y” if the question allows a comment)
  • Question Text
  • Answer Text


Click here to see a sample report in PDF format.

CSV File Data

In addition to all data detailed above, the CSV File Type will also include the following data:

CSV Field Name Description
templ_key Advisor Survey Template record primary key
tsitecode Template Site Code
tsitename Template Site Name
tstage Template Stage value
quest_key Question record primary key
akey Answer record primary key
gotoname Go To Question Name
r_entity Requirement Entity
r_reqcat Requirement Category
r_opt Requirement Optional status
r_prior Requirement Priority
r_grace Requirement Grace Period
r_freq Requirement Primary Frequency
r_freqmo Requirement Primary Frequency Due Month
r_allow Requirement Primary Allow Training
r_scr Requirement Primary Passing Score
r_grd Requirement Primary Passing Grade
r_hrs Requirement Primary Passing Hours
r_freq2 Requirement Refresher Frequency
r_freqmo2 Requirement Refresher Frequency Due Month
r_allow2 Requirement Refresher Allow Training
r_scr2 Requirement Refresher Passing Score
r_grd2 Requirement Refresher Passing Grade
r_hrs2 Requirement Refresher Passing Hours
rgr_prior Requirement Group Priority
rgr_grace Requirement Group Grace Period
rgr_entity Requirement Group Entity
rgr_reqcat Requirement Group Category
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