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Have you ever wanted to point your students to a quick YouTube video?  If you post “How To” videos on YouTube, how can your students search for the video they need?  For answers to these questions…read on.

In version 8.0 of VTA Learner, we have added a Resource Search feature.  One of the best ways to provide quick, on-demand training to your students is through YouTube videos.  So we’ve made it really easy to include YouTube videos in VTA 8.0.

YouTube Resource Type

First you will need to create a Resource Type to hold your YouTube videos.  In the example below, I have a YouTube Resource Type with three fields.  The critical one for our purposes is the field named “YouTube Video ID”.  You will need this field (with this EXACT name) to use the YouTube Video feature in Learner.

YouTube Resource Type
RISC’s LMS can enable YouTube as a resource type.

Add A YouTube Resource

Next, find the unique YouTube video ID.  To do this, go to YouTube and find your video.  Then click the “Share” link below the video.

YouTube Resource - Find the Video ID

In this example, the YouTube Video ID is “nur8a_OLja8”.  (Note: You can also find this number in your browser’s address bar when the video is displayed, if you find that easier.)  Now create your Resource in VTA.  Be sure to put your Video ID in the “YouTube Video ID” field.
Edit YouTube Resource

Be sure and include search tags with your resource so that it can easily be found in Learner.

And that’s it!  You can now view the YouTube Resource in Learner.

YouTube Resource in Learner

Bonus: YouTube Videos can be tracked in xAPI

So…who’s watching the video?  Well, as a bonus we added xAPI tracking to your YouTube Resource viewer in Learner. We even know if the fast forward (skipped) through the video.




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