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The cmi5 Verbs

cmi5 Verbs: An In-Depth Look There are nine xAPI verbs used in cmi5.  Three of these are required for every Assignable Unit (AU) session.  Some are required to give the student credit and allow “move on” to the next AU. …
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PDF Annotation in the Cloud: A Real World xAPI Application

The Experience API (xAPI), often called “Tin Can”, is a new specification for learning that allows collection of data about a wide range of learning experiences for your students. While there are many xAPI solutions, to most people the benefits of xAPI are still somewhat elusive; “it sounds good…but what does it do for me?” In this article, I’ll will show how xAPI was used to solve a real world problem. I will also show how the VTA system was integrated with a PDF Annotator application that runs in multiple environments, including an iPad or other tablet computer and desktop browsers.

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