RISC Identified as the (LMS) “Vendor From Which Others Can Learn”

Bersin & Associates’ 2005 LMS Customer Satisfaction Survey identifies RISC identified as the (LMS) “vendor from which others can learn”

Houston, Texas: RISC, Inc., a pioneer in the Learning Management industry was highlighted in Bersin & Associates study as an emerging industry leader. In the study, RISC was ranked as leader or co-leader in 25 of 26 satisfaction measures.

In this four month study, Bersin & Associates surveyed 660 LMS users from a number of industries. The 16 LMS providers included in the study represent 80% of the US and 60% of the global LMS market.

With an average installation base of more than 15,000 learners, the study stated that “Their [RISC] customers give them very high marks in almost every category higher than almost every other vendor in the survey.” RISC President Art Werkenthin said “It’s great to again be recognized for our focus on customer service. The partnership RISC has with our clients provides us the feedback that has enabled us to release a software upgrade every year for the past 12 years. These enhancements are always driven by our users and keep the software, and the company, 100% client-centered.” The study goes on to say that, “RISC has a large customer base in the oil and gas industry and serves customers from mid-market to large enterprise.” RISC was identified as the LMS customer satisfaction leader or co-leader on the following metrics:

  • Overall: Customer Loyalty (least likely to switch)
  • Overall: Business Partnership (understands our business, responds to input on product direction)
  • Overall: Total Installation (was installed on time, on budget and ease of installation)
  • Overall: Total Customer Service ( Timeliness, quality and Technical support)
  • Overall: Ease of Ownership (Ease of installation, customization and upgrading)
  • Overall: Ease of Use (Learners and Administrators)
  • Overall: Overall Satisfaction with LMS Solution
  • Ease of Use: Learners
  • Ease of Use: Administrators
  • Ease of Customization
  • Ease of Upgrade
  • Quality of Content Integration
  • Quality of HR/ERP Integration
  • Quality of Overall Customer Service
  • Quality of Technical Support
  • Quality of Implementation Services
  • Timely Response to Enhancement Requests
  • Vendor Understands My Business and Training Needs
  • Vendor Enables Input on Product Direction
  • Vendor has Long-term Viability
  • Quality of Content Development tools
  • Quality of Assessment Tools
  • Quality of Reporting Tools
  • Solution Meets Business Needs
  • Solution Increases Productivity

In addition to the individual measures, RISC was identified as a market-wide out-performer in every category and listed as a vendor that “delights their customers.” Duncan Welder, RISC’s Manager of Business Development stated, “The Bersin & Associates’ study is a great barometer of the industry. It is clear that training is now being seen as one of the last great opportunities for competitive advantage in the global market and companies that can leverage effective training are reaping the benefits. RISC is here to equip companies with the tools needed to reach the next level in employee performance improvement.”

About RISC, Inc. – Founded in 1992, RISC, Inc. has been a pioneer in Learning Management software and received distinction as U.S. News and World Report’s “Best of Breed” for LMS providers in 2001. The company’s Virtual Training Assistant suite, offered as an ASP or licensed software, is the culmination of more than a decade of continuous enhancement driven by customer and industry-solicited input. RISC’s software users represent leaders in a broad range of industry and government entities from BP, the City of Berkeley, Food Lion and NASA and Riverside Medical Center. For more details on RISC, visit www.risc-inc.com.

About Bersin & Associates – Bersin & Associates is the only research and advisory firm solely focused on enterprise learning with a comprehensive research program targeted to the needs of learning professionals and executives. In 2001, Bersin & Associates introduced the What Works series, primary research that offers learning practitioners factual and practical insight that can improve program effectiveness and results, reduce costs, and avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes. The company specializes in five research areas: blended learning, content development, LMSs and infrastructure, measurement and analytics, and planning and strategy. The company develops industry-leading research studies, assists in corporate implementations, and provides support and services to corporations and e-learning vendors. For more details on Bersin & Associates, visit www.bersin.com.