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VTA Mobile Applications

Do you provide training to a mobile workforce? Do you enable Instructors, Students and Supervisors to manage training remotely?

With the award-winning* suite of VTA Mobile applications, access to training resources is never farther away than your employee’s Android or iOS device. The VTA Mobile suite takes a subset of critical functions from the VTA Learner system and delivers them to your user’s device.

Student App

The VTA Student app allows your learners to management enrollment, email instructors, and access course documents. It will even generate a unique QR code allowing Instructors to record attendance by scanning a student into session.

Instructor App

The VTA Instructor app not only lets instructors scan students into training sessions but also allows instructors to email students, update grades and score and access course resources.

Supervisor App

The VTA Supervisor app gives supervisors the ability to complete performance checklists for their learners either on- or off-line. This enables documenting skill competence in the field, in addition to approving students requests for training.

PDF Annotator

RISC’s first mobile app for iOS is the xAPI PDF annotator, which lets users store document markups in an LRS for portability and trending use by content creators. Learn more from Learning Solutions Magazine here.


*2016 Best Business Process Solution awarded to RISC for the Mobile App Suite at The eLearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning DemoFest!




To learn more about the VTA Suite, including the mobile applications, contact our team today!

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