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VTA Online Certificate – 2018 Update

Introduction With a new year comes a VTA Online Certificate Program update! You can provide students the ability to launch a completion certificate when they have completed all required Lessons of a course. In 2017, I blogged when we added:…

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New VTA Support Features

Introduction I wanted to quickly get the news out about two new VTA Support features: We have completely updated the VTA Online Help system for VTA 8.0 Backoffice. Two new videos were added to RISC’s YouTube channel. VTA Online Help System This…

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2017 FocusOn Learning Recap with Debbie Richards

July 10, 2017

Recap of eLearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Conference Guest contributor, Debbie Richards, recaps the 2017 FocusOn Learning Conference, sharing her unique insights and viewpoint ofthis eLearning Guild event.

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Virtual Presentations that Work: Be a Rock Star from Afar

June 26, 2017

Virtual Presentations that Work: Be a Rock Star from Afar Guest contributor, Chris Coladonato, shares tips on how to engage your audience in a virtual presentation or learning environment.  

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VTA Utilities 8.0 Manual Cover

Utilities Student Guide Updated for VTA 8.0

The VTA Utilities Student Guide for the updates in VTA 8.0 is ready for you!

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Evaluator 8.0 Manual

Evaluator Student Guide Updated for VTA 8.0

The VTA Evaluator Student Guide has been updated to match the major updates in VTA 8.0.

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Online Certificates in Learner

VTA Online Certificate – 2017 Update

Since VTA 8.0 got such a great makeover, we decided to spruce up the Online Certificate program, its instructions and templates.
There are other ways to associate or generate a completion certificate in VTA. For example:
•A modified Attendance Report can create a certificate for each student.
•You can scan hard-copies and associate them as Roster Documents so students, supervisors and instructors can access them in Learner.
Using the VTA Online Certificate program is still the easiest method to get a completion certificate into your students’ hands so we hope the 2017 updates help make that easier for you.

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FocusOn Learning 2016 Recap

We’re pleased to have guest contributor Debbie Richards, president of Creative Interactive Ideas and an ATD Houston chapter board member, recapping the inaugural FocusOn Learning Conference! Her unique insights and viewpoint add a different dimension to this conference. Debbie was named one of the most influential…

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Learning Corner: Brian Dusablon on Accessibility

Our guest contributor this month is Brian Dusablon. Most people call him Duce (and, in games and forums, Motherduce). He’s a dad, coach, geek, athlete, entrepreneur, volunteer, designer. He also happens to love rugby, Apple, WordPress, the Cubs, motorcycles and craft beer….

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Mission eLearning: Houston Food Bank

March 23, 2016

RISC’s leadership team was on a mission to find the right project, where we could benefit a deserving organization in the Houston community by using our LMS expertise. Thanks to our partnership with ATD Houston, that project found us! We…

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